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20 °C

this is my last country before I have to go home I want to Enjoy this one its about 11:00 am i'm about to get on a 2 hour flight to Monaco it will cost me 212$ to get there its 1040 kilometers to get there once i'm there I will quickly drop my stuff off at the Hotel mote carlo bay then make my way to the casino mote carlo to enjoy the day and hopefully make some money i will be here for mot of the day then go eat dinner at the most luxurious restaurant to end my trip i leave at 12:00 back too Mississauga.

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London, England

After a 2 hour flight approximately 1280 kilo-meters ,I will take a Uber to my hotel in Jurys Inn London Holborn 378euros a night.Then I will rest up and enjoy myself at the bar in my hotel. Starting off my morning the next day I will go to Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor Tour with Lunch to experience some natural sight. After that I went back to my go hotel and packed for my next destination.

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19 °C

its 9:30 am in the morning and i'm going to be taking a long flight to western Europe ill be going to Austria In Vienna this flight will take 16 hours and 30 minutes its a 12,432 km trip the flight cost 1212$ ill be arriving at around 2:00 am in the morning. once I've landed ill make my way to the Hotel Bristol then sleep until 9:00 go get some breakfast and then make my way to go sight seeing until noon. i will then go to the St Stephen’s Cathedral building which is only a minuets walk from the hotel to learn about its past and significance. its around 5:00 so i will make my way to Staatsoper opera house which is also only a minutes walk from the hotel and enjoy the opera for the first time. its now about 7:30 im going to go eat then getback to the hotel because i'm tired and have a flight in the morning.

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My 6 h and 25 minute flight I I will arrive in Argentina, Aries I will be staying at avelore palace hotel and rest up for my big day tomorrow. The next day I will hope on a tour bus and explore the city of Aries doing this I will go to multiple museums like Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes,MALBA, and Museo Nacional de Arte Decorative. After that I will prepare to leave for Vienna.

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sunny 26 °C

its 6:30 In the morning right now, i'm still in Brazil the flight from Brazil to Medellin, Colombia will take 3.58 hours to arrive. Brazil and Colombia is 3,229 km away from each other this flight will cost 865$. Its 10:00 we just got to the airport there were some delays before the flight left but from there it went smooth, I will be checking into the hotel San Fernando Plaza it has a beautiful view of the city. its mid day so i'm going on the exotic fruits tour to see what types of fruits and treats they have then go downtown and explore the city and go to Gusto Night Club until 1:00 get back to my hotel to get ready for my 10:00 flight.

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